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Travel + Food: April Edition! April 27, 2012

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Eeek I’ve been a terrible blogger! But only because the past month has been so insane! Crazy end-of-the-semester stuff that’s all kind of a blur right now. But all is well and it’s all passed, so life is going back to normal… which means the traveling, eating out, and hanging out has started up again. Papers and presentations be damned!

(TL-BR): Nom Nom Burger (Holsteins in Las Vegas, NV), Golden Plate of Sweets (Cardwell’s in St. Louis, MO), Fresh Spring Rolls (V Bistro in Frisco, TX), and Crab Omelette (15 Ria in Washington, DC)

So all this traveling means occasionally eating on the plane and snacking on whatever random food I have on me teehee 🙂

(Top-Bottom): Cheese omelet (STL-MIA), DoubleTree Cookie (Washington, DC), Roast beef, turkey, and cheese sandwich (MIA-IAD)

And of course, what’s traveling without enjoying the hotels? And even better than hotels, hotels with great views!

(L-R): View from the Palazzo (Las Vegas, NV) and view from the DoubleTree (Washington, D.C.)

And dare I say, May be even more eventful eeek 🙂


Travel + Food: February Edition! February 25, 2012

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Eeek! I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve written in here. Partly because I’ve been busy (crazy last sem, getting in the way of my blogging!!) and mostly because I haven’t had a chance to really cook anything. Instead, I’ve been eating this fun stuff for the past few weeks:

TL-BR: Steak Eggs Benedict (Whiskey Cake in Plano, TX), Red Velvet Pancake (Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA), Braised Short Rib Sloppy Joe (PlushSTL in St. Louis, MO), and B Baby’s Beignets (Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C.)

For me, half the fun of traveling is trying out the local foodie scene. But all the time on plane and at airports is terrible for my diet.

L-R: Breakfast on early morn LAX-STL flight, Red Mango at DFW airport, and Pirate’s Booty snack on flight to DCA

But now I’m back and am on the quest to go through my bookmarks and find what my next culinary adventure will be — tune in!