A 20-something year old navigating her way through the foodie blogosphere with a stack of chocolate krinkles by her side

About Me April 11, 2008

TL-BR: Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas, NV), Ocean Beach (San Diego, CA), Taste of STL (St. Louis, MO), and the Louvre (Paris, France)

Just a mere 5 years ago, I was the pickiest eater on the planet. Ate only what I knew and steered clear of anything green or whose name ended in “erry.” Somewhere along the line, I started trying new things and eating healthier too. Now I can’t even imagine going a meal without something green or a dessert that didn’t have something that ended in “erry” in it!

As the picky eater in me died away, so did the less active me. I’m always up for trying new workouts and have recently found love in Zumba, stand-up paddle boarding and cardio boxing.

Other than that, I’m just a newly-minted-quarter-century-old girl, getting her Master of Public Health in Health Policy, living a third of her life in the Midwest, another third in the South, and the other third traveling around. I’m a sucker for impromptu trips, breakfast foods, sporadic bear hugs from my nephew, and dark chocolate.

Oh and why chocolate krinkles? Because I kind of really love ’em! My weakness, my Achilles heel.. and only fitting that it be the namesake of my blog!


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