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Protein filled breakfast! September 16, 2011

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Started off the day with the circuit training I posted a few days ago that REALLY kicked my butt and I’m happy to say that it only kind of kicked my butt today. 10 reps each, 3x, and I was ready to cook me up a delicious breakfast!

Two things called out to me from my fridge today: my turkey bacon and my eggs. Since I’ve been scrambled-eggs-ing it up and omelet-ing it up, I thought I’d try something different: a breakfast sandwich!

Thus I ended up with this delicious little post-workout treat:

Bacon-egg sandwich

1 egg

2 strips of turkey bacon cut in half

2 Oroweat sandwich thins

1. Toast bread (*since the bread is thinner, it tends to get crispy faster than regular bread so definitely keep an eye on your Oroweats!)

2. Spray skillet lightly with olive oil spray. Fry egg until it’s to your desired doneness

3. Re-spray with olive oil. Add bacon. Fry bacon until it’s to your desired crispiness (** since it’s turkey bacon, it doesn’t get as crispy as pork bacon.. but maybe it’s just a matter of keeping it on the skillet for a longer amt of time

4. Combine and enjoy!


I took a bite right after I took my pics and was delighted that this happened:

Mmm yolky goodness!

I would’ve liked to have added some arugula and some cheese, but since I have neither on hand today, I’ll have to try it for next time!

Off to run errands before meeting up with my friend for lunch and then hopefully getting some post-grad apps done!


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