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Omelet-ya in on a recipe! September 16, 2011

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I am so proud to say it only took me 5 minutes to come up with my dorky title… on that note, I promised you guys a recipe, so here goes!

Spinach-tomato omelet recipe

1 egg
Handful of baby spinach
1/8 tsp of milk *
Dash of salt and pepper
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Shredded cheese **

1. Combine egg, milk, and salt & pepper in a bowl. Beat with a whisk for about 2 minutes in an upward motion (to make the omelet fluffy — who doesn’t like fluffy eggs?!)

2. Prepare skillet by spraying with olive oil spray. Heat skillet while adding a handful of baby spinach to the egg mixture.

3. Add egg mixture to heated skillet. Fry for about 2 minutes. Flip omelet. Fry other side.

4. Slice up cherry tomatoes in half. Add tomatoes to omelet with your choice of shredded cheese (amount of your choice too!). Fold omelet over and cook for a little bit longer (until the cheese melts).

*I ended up using unsweetened almond milk. I was scared the omelet wouldn’t get fluffy but it was still pretty fluffy!

** I used low-fat mozzarella cheese.


Now I wish I could say I came up with this all on my own, but I actually used a recipe posted on Lauren Conrad’s website (yes, I was a fan of The Hills — what can I say? I have an affinity for train wrecks!). The 1/8 tsp of milk? That’s from an article I found called: Perfect Scrambled Eggs.

All in all, the omelet was fine. But I think in the future I’ll probably use a sharper cheese and egg substitute instead.

Anyway, off to work out. I took the day off yesterday (Grey’s Anatomy DVDs + jammies + chicken tikka masala won out over cardio… imagine that!) so today’s catch-up day. Eep!


2 Responses to “Omelet-ya in on a recipe!”

  1. lydia0510 Says:

    Hey! I love the envelope-omelette. It makes me feel just a little fancier.

  2. […] cheese. This gives me a lot of flexibility on breakfast foods: I can make a good ole fashioned omelet, a rolled omelet (when I’m feeling fancy!), or baked eggs in ham cups. But lately, I’ve […]

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