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House Special, Please! July 5, 2011

Filed under: Dessert,Eating Out,Meat — chocolatekrinkles @ 5:36 am

Fogo. De. Chao. Never have three words been spoken with such love and adoration amongst my ridiculously carnivorous family. I mean, when I found out we were going here for lunch, I figured it was a little bit of undeserved good karma. And somewhere in heaven, heads.are. rolling. Dramatic? Perhaps. But oh. so. good.

Favorite of the table: the House Special, aka Picanha.

At some point, we talked about bringing a sign that said “House Special” next time we go back, until my cousin suggested just getting shirts made. Dorkiness be damned!

Despite eating enough meat to feed an entire country, we still had room for dessert. Between all of us, we split two molten chocolate cakes and one papaya cream. Although I usually scoff at non-chocolate desserts, lemme tell ya: the papaya cream takes the cake this round.

I realize this really isn’t healthy food but I’m going to say that this lunch is just an example of living a balanced life!


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